Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bees & Community

do bees live in a city? he asks
yes, i guess they kinda do.
like the city daddy goes to?
yes, actually JUST like the city daddy goes to....

we start the morning off with a honey smoothie with yogurt & fruit.

emmett chooses pineapple & mango because bees like yellow.

we play a game where we go out and look for bees in our garden. 
for every bee he finds, he gets a wood chip.  
he then trades in the chips in for something special....

(i lead him over to the catmint because that is popular bee hangout)

though he tries to swipe more, emmett finds 5 bees.
he trades his chips in for "sun chips" a.k.a the health food version of m&m's.
i had to hide the bag so he wouldn't see where they came from...
(we ended up playing this game twice!)

emmett wants to color bees "with happy faces"

we framed emmett's drawings above our nature table.  
(he calls it the gallery)

typically on Sundays, we do things (or at least try to)...and that is bake and go into the "community".
luckily, we live in a place where we can walk lots of places ~ bookstore, health food store and emmett's favorite - the bakery
we got a flower cookie in honor of our theme :)

we made a honey cake ~ ~

this is a good cake for kids because it has lots of strong spices to smell...cloves, cinnamon & nutmeg.  
the house smelled strong and homey. 

when i picked out honey cake to bake, i hadn't realized it was a traditional cake in lots of cultures....poland, greece and a popular one on rosh hashanah.  
so we got out our globe to check out some of these far away places.....

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