Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Buggy Birthday Bash!

My little guy turned 3 this past week! We had a nature/bug theme birthday party for him....

The first thing I wanted to create were the favors!
We had about 7 kids coming.
I had been saving and collecting jars for a while and couldn't think of a better thing to to use them for...catching fireflies!

Using some of Meade's art work, I cut out big #3's. Luckily, I stumbled upon an old gift bag I received it had ladybugs all over it.
I cut out 3 lady bugs for each jar. Using the best stuff ever created...Mod Podge, I glued everything on. Last, we took a hammer and nail and poked holes in the lids so our buggy friends could breath.

Next, I wanted to make a shirt for his special day.
Using a plain t-shirt, embroidery floss and a sheet of felt.

Last year, I was inspired by Soule Mama to make a felt birthday crown.
Since I had my embroidery floss and felt out, I sewed on a third star...to mark this momentous occasion.

The day of the party we went to the tackle shop and purchased some worms.
We were fortunate to have a planter box filled with soil to put them in.
If you don't, a child size pool would work or even a clear spot in the garden.

The kids had fun digging for worms.
We encouraged them to go home and put them in their garden or compost pile. After a quick rinse the jars would be ready for collecting fireflies that night!

Another fun activity... a scavenger hunt for plastic bugs.

Simple brown lunch bags are great for collecting little treasures!

We had a rock painting station....
I decided to go with washable paint so the kids didn't ruin their clothes. After the paint dried, the parents went over the rocks with Mod Podge.

 It sealed in the paint to prevent it from washing off in the rain.

Lemonade disguised as bug juice....

Bug cookies for favors...( I wish I could take credit for the baked goods)

And at last...

Dirt and worm cake!

 signs of a good party....


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  1. What great ideas! I enjoyed browsing through the pics :)