Monday, June 20, 2011


practicing our abc's is a daily activity for us.
(some might call it an bit of an obsession on my son's part)

so we decided to get outside and be a little more creative with what you can do with those 26 letters...

we hiked our favorite nature trail and walked the streets of our town in search of the most perfect rocks.

i painted each rock with a little white paint to highlight the letters.

i set this guy up with his own painting station,
equipped with finger paint, rocks, twigs and leaves.

we played a little hide & seek with the rocks around the yard...

he had fun collecting them and putting them in his wheelbarrow. 

a fun project that is a work in progress...
we are hoping to find something outside in nature to represent each letter of the alphabet!

a really easy backyard activity is painting with water ~~

we can seriously find any place to write the alphabet...
even while we stomp in puddles!

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