Sunday, July 24, 2011


 I work part time as the Program Coordinator for a little library in the Hudson Valley (one that is under 1000 square feet).  Our Summer Reading Program, One World, Many Stories, is a theme we use to promote literacy through books, programs and community events.  
Below are crafts that were inspired by our Africa week....

We learned that the Asante of Ghana make Adinkra cloth.  Beautiful fabric patterns are made from symbols that are stamped on the cloth in squares of pattern.  Four Adinkra symbols are love (the heart), strength (the paddle), rhythm (the drum), and patience (the moon).  We cut these shapes as well as random shapes out of regular house hold sponges.

I also gave them stencils of Egypt and African masks

I was impressed with the results!

Even at 3 years old, Emmett really took to the stencils.
  I simply taped the card and paper down for him to avoid frustration. (yikes!)

Next we covered old coffee cans with white paper to make our very own African drum!  We scored a slew of coffee cans from Freecycle!

Beautiful and super simple!  You can put rice or even just one rock inside to make a unique sound.

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